Jusoor Art Program

Jusoor School for Syrian rufugees hosts a weekly art program that works on developing students' art skills, while also taking on an art therapy approach. The motive behind the program is to provide an environment that allows students to process, dream, and be kids again. Accroding to psychotherapist Betsy de Thierry,


"When a child has access to eduction and is able to enjoy learning rather than being pre-occupied with survival, then they have an increased chance of building resilience and building a healthy sense of identity" (Teaching the Child on the Trauma Continuum).


Check out some of the stories about the program here


Ways you can help:


Send in ideas for lesson plans by clicking on "Create Project" below. We're always looking for new ideas. 


If you wish to send over art supplies, email us here.  


Or support the project and make a financial donation toward the program. In the memo, write "Art" to designate to this program.