Project Paddington

Children to children. A powerful exchange. 


Isn’t it amazing to see how children interact beyond all levels of differences? I remember visiting my first Syrian refugee camp a few years ago with family friends with their two young daughters. The two girls immediately started playing with the Syrian children in the crowded cinderblock room. 


Joy French leaned into the beauty of the innocent exchange between children and founded “Project Paddington,” an organization that collects Teddy Bears and personalized notes to send to refugee children. 


In December 2015, 25,000 teddy bears were handed out in Iraq and Jordan. In February 2016, teddy bears were handed out at a Syrian refugee school in Lebanon. 


As Project Paddington moves forward, they want to continue in the direction of education, specifically educating the west on how to assimilate refugees into its communities. 


Check out some photos. More to come.