Give a Child a Smile

One of my favorite parts about living in Beirut is getting to connect with people who are involved in good causes. I love hearing their stories - why they do what they do, what gives them life, and why they refuse to give into the hopelessness that can easily engulf us. This past month, I had the wonderful privilege of working on a video for Global Smile Foundation MENA, an organization that believes that no child should suffer due to a deformity that can so easily be fixed with an operation.

By telling their story, I got to know the people behind the organization - the doctors, the board members, program managers, and volunteers. These people are amazing. They put so much time and effort, both physically and emotionally, into their work. In just the month that I was involved, I got to see lives transformed through the cleft lip and palette surgeries.

What amazed me is how the people behind the organization connected with the patients and the families. I’ve seen doctors and nurses rush patients in and out, but the doctors and volunteers working with GSF took the time to sit with the families, to reassure them, and to then follow-up.

Consider donating so that you, too, can give a child a smile.

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